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Free web site hosting is every professional web marketer is dreaming of. The problem is that there are very few reputable domains offering free services.

But the good thing is that you can still find some where you can choose the best that will provide your needs and resources. The challenge here is to find a free web site hosting provider that is also very interesting in terms of services, platform, and web design.

That’s because you are in the world of modern marketing. The web is full of really great sites and it will matter if you have a well designed and visible site.

The only reason why web marketers and professionals go for expensive web hosting domains is the service and solutions that are usually not provided in free web site hosting domains.

But that is not all true as many free domains are also backed with great solutions and services.

One thing they can do without is taking away the domain-based advertisements, which are their only way of earning from you and your free web site hosting page. That’s fair though as you don’t shell out anything for the site that you are using. 

What to do when you have already found a free web site hosting provider

1. Set the website up. Designing a free web site hosting domain is not at all difficult because they are just like any other domain, only they are not paid. You think of the best name for the url and the theme of the site. 

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Change the settings if you must and project the potential readers you want to market. Write pages and categories that will satisfy you as a writer and your readers. 

2. Choose a topic. As soon as your free web site hosting domain is up, you need to post. This is what they call articles. A website without articles can run but not for very long so keep your website up to date. 

Don’t settle for just one or two, make more and generate more impressions and readers.As long as your readership is high and your impressions are also high, search engines will surely find and ‘crawl’ you as often as they do.

That’s when you get high rankings called page rank or pr. When you do, you are more marketable and competitive in the wide web market.

3. Maintain the website. The difficult part, as some web experts say, is the maintenance of your free web site hosting domain. To keep the rank and the position of your website, you need to post every now and then. 

Make sure that there will be no week to pass that you don’t have anything to post on it. Also, the topic. Keep the topic and theme of your website focused. Don’t mess up with other topics although you can use some for additives only.

So who says free web site hosting is not as competitive as the paid ones? In search engine optimization (SEO), it is always the free ones who take the highest ranks!

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