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Virtual Webhosting Service is Perfect for Your Business

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You can see a lot of web hosting service providers offer virtual webhosting services as one of their web hosting packages.

You might be wondering how virtual webhosting is achieved and why it is termed as such. To give you a background on this type of web hosting service, it is also known as shared Web hosting. 

Virtual webhosting is perfect for small and medium-sized companies who cannot afford an independent and strong hosting connection just yet. 

With virtual webhosting, these companies are given the chance to be seen in the web without having them spend a lot of money. This type of web hosting service is the most basic and paid entry-level service that a customer can choose. 

Basically, virtual webhosting allows several clients to host their websites on one server sharing the resources of that particular server.

Even if the connection is shared, it still has a guaranteed uptime and is supported by redundant connectivity. This hosting service is the excellent solution for small-scale businesses, e-commerce sites, and other static Web pages. 

Virtual webhosting is also the favorite among those who are new webmasters because there is less need for advanced technical skills with this type of hosting.

As previously mentioned, this is also great for small businesses because it will allow them to offer their products and services in the Web and appearing very professional with their own domain name and email addresses. 

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Because of these advantages, virtual webhosting is largely popular with consumers. The customers who avail of virtual webhosting is also assured of reliability, faster connections, and a low-cost and fixed monthly fee for the Web hosting service.

It also has the advantage of not having a highly paid IT staff on payroll for simple and basic tasks with regards to web hosting. 

It is also very convenient to set up virtual webhosting since it typically has bundled features and would only take minutes, after payment has been made, for it to be activated.

A conventional bundle of features include having multi-platform Web site support, minimum disk storage space, minimum amount of data transfer, email forwarding, customized email addresses, 24/7 technical support and unlimited file transfer protocol services. 

You can also expect to have access to the web statistics of your site with a virtual webhosting service so that you will have an idea as to how many clients are visiting your site.

And not only this, you should specifically have access to the raw statistical logs so that you are given the chance to use other third-party site analytics tool.

There are also other services that can be expected of shared web hosting including but not limited to anonymous FTP server, CGI-Bin access, and tape backup for your website. 

On the overall, it is really recommended to use a shared web hosting service if you want to save on web hosting costs.

It may not have the full functionality of a dedicated server, but it will certainly give you all the basic features that you need when you start to venture online. 

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