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Write A Good Help Ticket And Get The Help You Need

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When you have a web hosting agreement for your website and accompanying email mailbox, it is inevitable that at one time or another, you will have a problem.

Chances are it will be a small one, but it is important to know how to handle it so that you can get the help you need from your web hosting company and get back to work quickly. 

In most cases, web hosting companies have a help ticket system set up for addressing their customer problems and concerns.

If you have a problem, first you should check any help documents available on the web hosting company's website, then you can fill out a help ticket to get assistance. 

What you need to remember though is that you need to fill out the help ticket properly in order to get the quickest, most accurate help from the company's support staff, whether it is a customer service issue or a technical issue. 

What is a help ticket?

A help ticket is a form that you fill out that describes the problem you want the web hosting company to solve. 

When you hit send, the help ticket goes into the queue and is addressed as soon as possible by the web hosting company's customer service and technical support team. 

When the web hosting company's customer service and technical support team get your help ticket, they will be able to fix the problem or contact you with an update and status on when the problem will be resolved, or if it is something that isn't web hosting related (sometimes the problem has nothing to do with your web hosting).

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Be accurate and be specific

When you are filling out your help ticket to send to your web hosting company, it is very important to be accurate and be specific.

Make sure your name, your email address, and your domain name, and any other account or contact information is correct. If the web hosting company cannot reach you then they cannot follow up on your problem. 

You should also be as specific as possible in regards to describing your problem to the web hosting company. 

You should tell them exactly what you were doing when you experienced the problem so that they can try and replicate it. You should also tell them what time of day it was and what day of the week it was. 

Be patient

In times of network trouble, your web hosting company may be dealing with numerous help tickets. You should be as patient as you can in waiting for a response, even though it is difficult.

If you don't hear anything within 24 hours or so, then it may be appropriate to follow up with your web hosting company if you are still experiencing the same problem.

By filling out your web hosting company's help ticket form completely and accurately, you can ensure that you will receive a prompt and effective response to your web hosting problem.

It may take a little getting used to, but filling out a help ticket is a streamlined and efficient way of getting timely customer service help to resolve your problem.

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