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Customer Service

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If you are looking at different web hosting companies, then you may be comparing all sorts of factors.

You may be looking at your web hosting company's storage capacity, up time standards, customer service, all of the policies, data transfer limits, bandwidth limits, extras like PHP or MySQL functionality and blogging capability, ecommerce, etc. 

But while all of those building blocks of a good web hosting program are good, it is customer service that rules all. It is customer service that can be the tipping point in choosing which web hosting company to go with for your website and email and ecommerce needs. 

Type of customer service 

If you are looking at customer service in regards to your web hosting company, you are likely to find four different options for getting in touch with your web hosting company.

The four most common methods of contacting customer service are email, chat, telephone, and help tickets. 


Email support from a web hosting company is very common. It is very much like the help ticket kind of support.

The email is generally sent to the customer or technical service team via an online form. The key to getting good results from your web hosting company with this is explaining your problem clearly and in great detail. 

Another point to remember when corresponding with your web hosting company via email is to set your email account to accept mail from the email address of your web hosting company.

Add them to your address book so that their emailed reply to you does not get filtered out of your inbox and mistaken for spam by your email program. 

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Chat is another common form of web hosting support. When you click on the chat link, a new chat window opens in your browser. A support technician will initiate the conversation with you and try to troubleshoot your web hosting problem right there on the spot in real time. 

The benefit to this is that your problem is resolved right away, without any delay or waiting for someone to get back to you.

The draw back is that if you do not get your problem resolved, then you are back where you started from, having lost valuable time in getting back to work.


Telephone support is not as common these days but web hosting companies that still offer this service usually have a toll free number available.

Telephone support may be available 24 hours a day or it may be limited to certain hours. The advantage to telephone support is that it is available immediately. 

People who communicate better verbally will do well with this kind of customer service from their web hosting company versus using, say, chat, where people who communicate better in the written word would do well.

Help tickets

Help tickets are modified form of email customer support from a web hosting company. When you have a problem, you fill out an online form and submit it. 

Your help ticket is addressed by customer or technical support as soon as possible. You are sent a ticket number via email to keep track of the issue. 

The important thing is to be accurate and describe your problem completely. 

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