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Web Hosting Provider: How to Choose the Best in the Industry

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Do you notice the rapid growth of the web hosting industry these days? The World Wide Web is now filled with thousands of web hosting providers that are all claiming to be better than the other.

So don’t settle for the first one you will come across with. Research first about the things you must look for in a web hosting provider and compare several top web hosts before deciding which one to buy.

When searching for a web hosting provider to publish your personal blog or your website in the Internet, there are some factors you need to consider before singing up for the most economical web hosting package you will find.

Remember that web hosting services are like commodities, not all of them offer the same features and services for similar prices. You always need to carefully scrutinize each offer and look for the features that your website requires from a host.

Here are some of the important features you should look for in a web hosting provider: 

1. Bandwidth

Also known as the monthly transfer volume, bandwidth means the amount of information that your web hosting account can send and receive within a month. The ideal web host will give you more than enough Gigabytes of bandwidth per month.

When your website is already gaining more traffic, you need higher bandwidth to accommodate them. If the number of your site visitors gets close to your monthly limit, then move on to a higher web hosting package that provides higher bandwidth.

2. Linux vs. Windows Hosting

Neophytes in web hosting usually provide Linux-based web hosting because it isn’t just cheaper to run but is also fast and reliable.

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Majority of Linux systems run the Apache web server which is used by more than 50% of the web hosts. And even though you create your web site on a Windows PC, a Linux server can still host them without hassles.

Windows hosting is advisable for sites that need Active Server Pages (ASP) functionality or better Microsoft SQL server integration.

You see more Linux plans in the web because they are cheaper and they are probably the best pick unless your site has specific requirements that can only be met by a Microsoft server.

3. Disk Space

Disk space means the amount of information you can store through your hosting account. Today, even cheap web hosting plans provide more than enough disk space for your site.

Never choose a web host that offers less than 1 gigabyte of disk space. There are lots of web hosts that provide their clients with hundreds of gigabytes at very low monthly rates.

4. Access to Web Databases

Regardless of the database you need, you have to ensure that your web hosting provider will give you access to some.

Yes, you may not need it in your start up, but you may need it in times to come. So save yourself from headaches in the future as your website grows.

5. POP3 / IMAP Access 

If you intend to use your site for your business of professional services, then you should have an e-mail account with your business name.

Make sure your web hosting provider will allow you to access IMAP or POP3 accounts so you can set them up for your business use. 

6. Secure Shell (SSH) Access

Your web hosting provider should allow you to log into your account and make alterations from the control panel to your website.

Some web hosts do not offer this service, so if you think you need it, then find out beforehand if it's available or not. It may be included fro free in a web hosting package, but some hosts offer it as a paid add-on.

Aside from finding a web hosting provider that offers the features you need, also ensure that they has long been existing in the hosting business.

It should provide you with 99% up-time and excellent customer service. You might as well pick a web hosting provider with a rock solid reputation in the industry. 

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