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Reasons Why You Should Read Web Hosting Review

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Finally, your website is completed! Now that you’re ready to show it to the world, it’s time to choose which web hosting service provider is perfect for your needs and requirements.

But it’s easier said than done. Today, there are many web hosts available, and they all offer more or less the same web hosting service packages, with just slight differences in the price and features. 

That’s why it pays to read a web hosting review first, in order to really know more about the web hosting service. It’s not only enough to do read a web hosting review by the company itself.

What you can do is check out user-submitted reviews to get the most unbiased information that can really help you decide on selecting a web host service provider. 

Where to find a web hosting review? 

To find a web hosting review, all you have to do is type in a search for it in your favorite search engine, and you can visit the sites listed on the results page to view some reviews.

If you still have no company in mind, you can type in a general keyword such as “web hosting review”. But if you already have a company in mind, and you want to know more about it, you can start a search such as “company name’s web host review”. 

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What to expect in a good web hosting review? 

A good web hosting review will give you a side by side comparison of the top 10 web hosting companies of the year, so that it will be easier for you to evaluate one company from another.

An example of detailed criteria by a web hosting review will compare by user reviews and overall rating, which also includes ratings on their feature set, customer service, and control panel.

Also, the costs for a basic annual plan will be displayed, comprising the monthly price, setup fee, hosting fee for 1 year, and any promotions. The basic features will be compared as well.

This includes the disk space, monthly data transfer in GB, server uptime guarantee, domain name search and registration, website builder, website traffic statistics, photo gallery, free shopping cart, money back guarantee, and sub-domain supported. 

The companies will also be compared based on the number of email addresses, email forwarding, email aliases, catch-all email, SMTP email, auto responder, spam protection, and Webmail.

Another main category is supported environment, and whether the company supports CGI directory, PHP, Perl, Front Page Extensions, MySQL database, and ASP or Active Server Page.

Data Center will also be evaluated according to server back-up and redundant power back-up. 

Their customer service will also be assessed in terms of 24/7 phone support, toll free phone support, live chat, and 24/7 email or online support. 

By comparing these web hosting companies based on a detailed criteria, you can easily check which web host is perfect for you. That is one advantage you get when using a web hosting review.

It does all the work for you in searching for the best, and a web hosting review will definitely make your search simpler and easier. 

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