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How to make extra money with your website

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Anyone who has a website knows just how much webhosting costs. Those monthly or annual fees can really add up, especially if you are experience higher than normal traffic and end up with a bill for the extras!

Like many small business and personal website owners, you are probably already pouring money into your site. But you can make a little extra money if your webhosting company offers an affiliate program.

If you're happy with your webhosting company and service agreement, signing up for the company's affiliate program can be a great idea. It's very simple and virtually risk free.

How it works

When you sign up for your webhosting company's affiliate program, in general, you agree to put the company logo on your website with a link back to the webhosting company's website.

Usually, you'll be given a special affiliate code, affiliate ID, or affiliate link in order to track the click throughs from your site and your commissions earned.

In virtually all cases, you don't get any commission on simple click throughs alone, only those that result in a sale for the webhosting company. Commissions may be paid monthly or quarterly.

In some cases, payments will be held until the balance reaches a minimum amount, like $25 or so.

Every company that has an affiliate program will have an affiliate program agreement for participants to sign off on; read yours carefully to make sure that you understand any limitations as well as when and how you will get paid.

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Show your webhosting company some love

So you probably already pay your webhosting company quite a bit of money. But if the company does its job and goes above and beyond your expectations, your telling others of your satisfaction with the service goes a long way.

And placing a webhosting company logo and an affiliate link to their site means you're recommending their services.

If you're happy with the company, then your website visitors will be happy to know this as they make their own webhosting decisions. In essence, an affiliate link from your site is your personal seal of approval.

Make some money

If you are going to sign up for your webhosting company's affiliate program, make sure you place the link prominently on your website. Don't tuck it into a corner or bottom half of your site.

You want it to be visible enough that your website visitors will see it and click on it. If you have a newsletter that you send to your website visitors, you might want to think about including it there too.

Get creative (within the terms of your affiliate agreement, of course) and make your business relationship with your webhosting company work for you. 

Joining your webhosting company's affiliate program can have some real financial benefits to you as a webhosting customer.

If you're already in a service agreement with a good, reliable company and you're happy with your service, and they have an affiliate program that you're successful in marketing on your own site, you can make a nice little bit of change to offset your own webhosting expenses.

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