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Webhosting is a process of creating your own website and the website can be accessible through World Wide Web. Web hosts are the companies who help you to create your own website.

The company provides a space for you in their server with an internet connection. The webhosting company will provide you with a disk space and bandwidth on a shared, co-located or dedicated web server.

You have to share the server with other customers but each website is independent and secure from other sites. Sharing the server becomes transparent and anyone can access your website.

Domain name, designing the web and webhosting are the three steps of creating a website. Domain name is your online identity.

So always create a unique domain name and keep renewing the domain name so that no one else can copy it or take it away from you. The domain consists of two parts- the first is the domain name and the second is the extension.

Register your domain name so that no one else can take away the domain name from you. There are some companies involve in this business. For the registration you will have to pay a certain amount to them.

You can do it from your credit card. When you are registering be sure that you register the domain in your name not in the name of the host company.

Web designing is the second step to create a web site. Web designing is the expensive part. You can hire a web designer to design your website.

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The designing part is normally not provided by the hosting companies. Some good webhosting companies provide you with good website builders where you can use some ready made templates to design your websites. 

The webhosting companies will provide you with the control panel and file transfer protocol system to transfer your designed files to their servers.

You can also design your web site if you know HTML. Programming is not required for web designing if you are using HTML.

The last step is the webhosting. This is the sharing step. You have to share the disk space with others.

The web host companies give plenty of features such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited web space, good customer support, and they provide you with good promotion tools to promote your website.

They provide round the clock customer support some with the facility of live chat. You can chat with them regarding your website directly which are as good as talking over the telephone to clarify your doubts.

As you are customer of the webhosting company they provide you with regular updates about their technology.

To have a good reputation they hire a highly qualified and professional staff. Their experienced staff helps you in creating your website. They provide you with guestroom facility in your website. The visitors can leave their messages in the guest book.

Many of the webhosting companies provide you with latest programme and design so that you can purchase the best technology with latest upgrades. You can have a website of your own website and convey your information to the world.

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