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Are You Transferring Your Online Business To A New Web Hosting Provider?

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There might be conditions when you are dissatisfied with your present web hosting services due to the server remaining down, bad technical support, not meeting your requirements or hike in rates.

In such cases, you would decide to change your current web host and opt for a new oneyou’re your online business which you think is better than the old one.

Hence the following step is transferring your website from the current provider to the new web host provider which includes some major steps.

Plan in advance

If you are planning to transfer your website from the current web hosting provider’s server onto the new provider’s server then you need to plan well in advance. Planning should be done at least a month earlier to ascertain smooth transfer.

If you transfer your website in less than a month then there might be danger of customers not being able to access your website properly.

Take the backup

Once you are through with creating a fresh web hosting account, it is important that you take the backup of your files immediately for the new service provider.

Usually, you have all your website files on your local hard disk but still it is advised that you take the backup of all the files from the old sever so that you do not miss out anything.

Backup of HTML files, any script file, and server logs file or database file need to be taken. Hence, create a similar structured directory similar to the structure present on the web server and load the backup files in the respective directory.

File uploading

Your new service provider will send you an email after you successfully create a fresh web hosting account. The email would have all the information which is required for setting up the website including the FTTP server details.

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With this FTTP information, you can now transfer your files onto the new server and upload your files.

Follow the below steps for uploading your files on the new server:

  • Create a directory
  • Upload all the files in this directory
  • You can also setup any databases or script file if used by your website
  • Set up your email account through the administrator of new service provider
  • Use a temporary URL for testing your new site
  • Temporary URL can be obtained through email notification from new service provider.

Test your new website

Testing your new website through a temporary URL directory is essential. This is because every web hosting server requires specific environment to work hence, you need to verify if your scripts like CGI and Perl are working on the new server as per their requirement or not.

Test all the hyperlinks on regular web pages so that there should be no broken link.

Transfer the domain name

  • Contact the registrar of the new domain for changing the old DNS to point to new DNS
  • After registration with the new service provider, new DNS information will be sent through an email
  • After the transfer, new DNS will be showed
  • Notice the latest home page when you check through normal domain name
  • This ensures your DNS transfer is over and your website is transferred successfully.
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