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Dedicated Web Hosting - A Flexible Hosting Service

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Dedicated web hosting or dedicated server allows individuals and business organizations to lease total server requirements for hosting their internet needs. The hosting firm takes full responsibility of managing the equipment and web connectivity, providing its clients with customized server in excellent data center facilities.

As compared to shared hosting, dedicated hosting is more flexible and gives total control to the organizations over the servers. It also permits to use the operating system, hardware and software of your choice.

With dedicated web hosting, you can personalize settings for your e-business and multimedia requirements. Dedicated hosting is suitable for clients who need custom software or better server control, but are not ready to make considerable start-up investment required to purchase a server.

Dedicated servers are more preferred by users whose needs are more sophisticated as it allows deployment of complex applications, databases and advanced e-mail solutions. One machine can host multiple sites using dedicated hosting solutions. These solutions are generally provided on a trusted network connection and also have 24x7 services to monitor server and net availability.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

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A significant benefit for customers using dedicated web hosting is that the hosting firm is the owner of the dedicated server. The hosting firm is responsible for maintenance of the equipment and all extra connections to the net. If in case any hardware component breaks down, it is the provider’s responsibility to replace it at free of cost.

Usually, server administration is provided as an extra service by the hosting service provider itself. A dedicated server reduces the overhead charges and gives a higher return on investment.

The other main advantage of dedicated servers is the fact that it is custom-made for each customer. High-tech hosting providers allow customers to select particular CPU speeds, disc space demands and other hardware elements.

Dedicated web servers are first-class service options as only a customer and their visitors will be able to access the server. By this, the performance of web server and also the security of e-business applications are enhanced.

Due to the above-mentioned advantages, dedicated web hosting is considered an excellent service option allowing the customers have access to more authentic ways of content allocation and also give them more control over their hosting environment.

Web Hosting Service

There are various factors to consider while choosing a server to host your site. The important ones are the quantity of disc space and the bandwidth required for your site, the type of applications you intend to run and finally your budget. The seven important factors to consider while choosing a hosting service are server hardware, network connectivity, bandwidth allotment, IP options, data backup and restoring data, technical support and network reliability.

Customers selecting dedicated web hosting solutions should have certain knowledge of IT and server maintenance issues. This means it will require more human resource than a shared server would require. Dedicated web servers are generally leased for a monthly fee ranging from $99 to $2,500. The cost depends on your budget, the degree of customer support and technical expertise required.

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