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Pros And Cons Of Shared Web Hosting

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The shared web hosting is regarded as the most convenient and the adaptable service for hosting websites. It is particularly helpful if the website owners do not require the high bandwidth and high performance. The server which hosts the WebPages is shared by other websites. The server can share any number of websites which may range from one, or they may go up to thousand.

Since, the single server is shared by multiple websites, it becomes cost effective for the hosting companies, and they are able to offer the hosting services for considerably cheaper prices. The shared web hosting services can do wonders for the welfare of small and even middle scale businesses. One can get the high performance through these websites without compromising on the security or any other parameters.

These services are continuously monitored by their employees around the clock, in order to ensure the minimum server downtime. These services are offered in various packages. You could choose them with operating systems like UNIX, LINUX or any other OS depending upon your needs. Every single website shared by the web server will get a unique IP address, and a fixed amount of web resources.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of the Shared Web Hosting services which can be explained as follows:

Advantages of the Shared Web Hosting:

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  • Economical: The sharing of large number of websites using a single server has made it possible for the web service providers to offer their services at low cost to the clients. Hence, the use of these services is very economical.
  • Efficiency: Nowadays, the web hosting services are available with the bandwidth which can be adjusted according to the amount of data that needs to be transferred. Hence, these services ensure the effective utilization of bandwidth and therefore, efficiency is increased.
  • Customization: Even though different websites are shared by the single server, but yet companies can manage to offer customized packages depending upon their client requirements.
  • Convenience: These services are managed by the highly skilled IT professionals who have the years of experience in this field. So, as an owner, you could concentrate on your website content, and leave everything else like security etc to these professionals.

Disadvantages of Shared Web Hosting

  • Slow Response: Since a large number of websites are shared by a single server, the response time of the server tends to get slower.
  • Reliability and Security Issues: If any malicious or bad website shares the server, it can disturb or harm the entire network. Hence, the reliability of these services is always a major concern. Thus, using these services increase the risks of hacking. Any hacker can get access to your website and the vital information can be stolen.

Hence, these services have several pros and cons and as a user you need to be careful while choosing them, so that your business does not get affected. However, there are companies that offer good security even on shared hosting packages.

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