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Cost-Effective And Flexible Reseller Web Hosting

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A reseller web hosting is a type of web hosting where the account holder has the facility to use his allotted bandwidth and hard drive space to host websites for the third parties. The host’s services is purchased wholesale by the reseller and then sold to the customers for a profit. A dedicated server is rented out by the reseller from a hosting company.

Reseller web hosting is usually rich in features and allows you to offer your customers with an option as to what they desire to do with their hosting account and domain and also allows them to manage their domain and website as they wish, which was not possible earlier. People look for feature rich web hosting packages, so by catering to your customers with hosting services that have plenty of features will tempt them towards your hosting products.


Complete hold on resources – Web host has a privilege to change the plan anytime and they can do their web hosting business on their own conditions. An added advantage of the reseller web hosting is that there is an automated system designed to allow the host to sell according to their own choice.

Tools – Reseller web hosting offers a variety of tools of your choice that can be used to operate business in a very simple way and save the time, which could be spent on more productive activities.

Lower cost: Reseller web hosting proprietor gets the facility to buy the storage and bandwidth for the price of wholesale. This means whatever they sell will be either the partial profit or complete earnings once the trading of hosting service has been established.

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Reseller Host Company gets all the rights to manage their account completely, in order to address the requests of the customers. They need not necessarily have to maintain a direct contact with their customers. However, any hosting company tries their best to control the traffic to their website, especially to seek potential buyers. There are several departments within the organization, each one of them taking care of one or the other task to set the company rolling.

Reliability is another advantage that a reseller host can provide to the users by providing them support with an adequate bandwidth to help in minimizing the claims and issues of instability of internet.

You can use your own server to host your websites. Some of the details to be considered about this are:

Expenses of hardware installation: To be your own website host, you need to purchase mighty server hardware as a low cost personal computer will not be able to withstand this job. Thus, a permanent high-speed Internet connection for 24 hours is also a mandatory requirement.

To be a reseller host, you need to be computer literate, as you might have to fix the bugs and viruses and need to be aware of the environment where these types of things are very common. To sustain in the Internet marketing, it is necessary to make your server work constantly for 24 hours, or else there are chances of losing the business very soon.

If it is difficult to establish your own server, then you can take it on rent to start your reseller hosting business.

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