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Reseller Web Hosting – Cheaper Way To Host Your Website

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Types of Web Hosting Services

Several kinds of Web Hosting Services are available for developing and uploading a Website. Here are the services that are widely used by website designing companies.

Free Web Hosting Services: These are, as the name implies, free hosting services. They use Linux based servers and support CGI, PHP and Mysql scripts. These services provide only a subdomain and seldom provide any domain name for its subscribers.

Clustered Web Hosting Services: In this type of hosting the hosting burden is equally distributed amongst several physical machines. The advantage of this is, if one server is occupied, other can be used, hence increases the chances of availability.

Reseller Web Hosting Services sublets the bandwidth and server to third party host providers.

In Shared Web Hosting Services, only one web server is used. This server has many partitions that is allocated for to a number of websites.

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Reseller Web Hosting – Preferred Web Solution

As mentioned earlier, Reseller Web Hosting Company sells the bandwidth and Web Server space to host Websites for the third parties, for which they are authorised to do. Profit is basically the motive behind such webhosting. These hosts sell or sublet, as it would be appropriately called, to the webhosting companies for a profit. The part of the space and bandwidth is given to such companies. This can be done two ways. They can either rent their own space and bandwidth or rent a devoted server bandwidth combination. To rent their account, the reseller must have consent from the primary Web Host to lease it out.

The data centre administrator of the primary host company administrates and maintains the server, and hardware, while the owner of the dedicated server is responsible for the updates, configuration and security setting. They interface the server with their client’s website. However, any technical, connectivity or hardware or software problems are resolved by the primary server owner rather than the Reseller Web Hosting Company.

Reseller Web Hosting companies are in general a great number of web designing companies or web developers for whom this is a just an additional business. Since there is not much investment involved, this business could be a good way for aspiring entrepreneurs in web hosting business. Resellers host have discretion over the service plans and also the price structure of the web hosting services.

The rent for the reseller account is usually a few dollars a month. The rent will include expenses of hosting, maintenance as well as the design of the hosting as per the customer requirement. Since the reseller does business for a profit, advertising and gaining customers is important.

As the rent is low and the advertising cost could be whooping, Reseller Web Hosting companies would have to manage their budget well to compete with other well-known providers. The advantage of such web hosting is that the quality of the hosting is not compromised even if the account cost is less. Many individual who want to work from home and earn a living have taken up this business.

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