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Unlimited Web Hosting – Growing Trend

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Unlimited Web Hosting – An Insight

People have varied perception about this term. At first thought, it would be a web hosting plan which is similar to multiple domain hosting plans and has many domains in one account. However a characteristic Unlimited Web Hosting plan will have several features in addition to multiple domains option. Each of these features is illustrated below with its explanation:

Domains Features

This type of domain is advantageous to those who own several businesses and want to host multiple websites. Using this domain, they can have many distinctive domain names for their websites along with the .net, .com or .org domains, of course all this with a single hosing account.

The beauty of this domain is that you can increase the domains as and when required, instead of registering multiple domains at the outset. These domains are cost effective, reliable and are easy to maintain.

Database Features

If you are planning to develop a website that runs forums, ecommerce or if want a matrimonial website or networking site where a vast space is needed, unlimited database would be the solution to it. This is unarguable the most important feature of Unlimited Web Hosting services.

Unlimited database will also mean unlimited compatibility with database application like, MySQL, Unlimited, MySQL Database wizard, PHP MyAdmin and other MySQL Databases.

Bandwidth Features

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Bandwidth flexibility is another attribute of Unlimited Web Hosting. The accessibility is at its optimum level when the bandwidth of your website is high. The accessibility is not altered even if the number of visitors to your website is large. If the bandwidth is compromised, visiting the website would be near impossible.

Email Account Features

Any website has fewer or more email accounts. Unlimited Web Hosting provides multiple email accounts using POP3 email features. The other email accounts and features that would include in this are email aliases, email authentication, auto responders, forwarders, anonymous email accounts, and virus, spam and account level filtering. Currently additional email feature like WebMail access, forwards, and the tools that prevent spam and virus are in vogue.

Subdomain Features

This is usually used in the websites which has forums. Sometime it is also used to redirect the web user to other website. For example, if a business has two or more websites, clicking of a link on one webpage will automatically direct you to the page on the other website.

Disk Space Features

The enormity of internet is profound and with each day it is growing with leaps and bounds. Disk space is thus very important while selecting a web host. Unlimited disk space increases the flexibility of a website. Unlimited Hosting provides unlimited disk space. This features helps in storing unlimited files on the server.

Unlimited Web Hosting is ideal for those who want built multiple websites for their business. Some of these hosts also provide features like Website template, while others provide free domain name. If you have to invest you hard earned money in web hosts, this kind of host is the right choice.

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