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Web Hosting Comparison – Make The Right Decision

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Top Web Hostings
Web Hosting Comparisons Table


In Search of Best Web Provider

Website developers often look for the list of top Web Hosting Provider in the market. This is very significant for businesses that are planning to put their website on the World Wide Web. The way to the top, for these Web Providers, must have been an arduous task. Excellent post sales services, affordable web hosting price and multiple features have helped them achieve this success. Web Hosting Comparison has now become easier for the businesses seeking the right options for their website.

It is a not true that all cheap Web Hosting Services are worth a try. There are web host who can host your website for few bucks. However, this doesn’t guarantee the best option. In the past web hosting had always been expensive. Because of cut-throat competition, these hosts had to forcefully lower their prices without much compromise in its quality.

A systematic research and Web Hosting Comparison of the market would help web-host finders to determine the appropriate provider for their business. Simple steps that can help them find the quality host, after going through the web provider’s website, its customer forums and blogs to find out the customer responses. Calling up the customer services of that company to figure out their efficiency and response, are a few of the many tips.

Features to look in a Web Hosting Services

Shared versus Dedicated Servers

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The most important factor of Web Hosting Comparison is chose of servers. Opting for the right server is one of the basic aspects in a venture of selecting the right web host, as this affects the cost factor considerably. Dedicated servers are top quality yet cheaper servers. The servers can be on Windows or Linux operating systems. Servers on both these operating systems have features like great management options, high levels of security and high speed. More bandwidth is available on dedicated servers in relationship to shared servers.

Shared servers too are inexpensive. In fact they are cheaper than dedicated servers, because many websites are hosted on one server. So the cost of using multiple servers for multiple websites and its maintained is reduced. Choosing the server will depend on the business needs. All the dynamics of the web host should be considered to select the server.

Linux versus Windows Server

Next is the option of selecting the operating system when it comes to Web Hosting Comparison. If you have a windows operating system it doesn’t necessarily mean that the operating system of the server must be Windows. Similarly, if front pages are used in building a website, use of Windows server is not mandatory. In order to enjoy the benefits of powerful application like .Net and .Asp, Windows Servers would the best choice.

Linux server undoubtedly has an edge over Windows servers for obvious reasons. Linux OS is rarely targeted by malicious programs. Windows operating system is more vulnerable because of its preference. Therefore, the virus or malicious programs are written keeping Windows OS in mind.

Linux hosting is inexpensive. The windows operating system has licensing fee whereas Linux is free. This increases the web hosting fee for servers with Windows operating system. While doing Web Hosting Comparison, Linux OS would be the best option.

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