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Web Hosting Services – Solution To Website Building

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World Wide Web (WWW) and Web Hosting Services

Today’s competitive world and business needs have compelled businesses to rely heavily on World Wide Web (WWW) for promotional as well as informational purpose. The information about the organisation must be accessible via web. Web Hosting Services allows such organisations to post information using its service and technology on the internet for public accessibility. They distribute contents via the firm’s well designed website and this is made accessible to their clients and subscribers on request. These recipients use net browser with their internet connection to request the website content of a specific organisation.

Web Hosting Services provide space on a server for a monthly or yearly charge. The web hosting companies either own this server space or take on lease basis from other providers. This is beneficial to the consumers who want to upload their website, as the physical locations of these servers are not within their premises. This reduces the company’s cost of space. It also helps in reducing the cost of servicing the servers as this burden is transferred to the Web Hosting Company.

Categories Of Web Hosting Services

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There are wide ranges of Web Hosting Services. Some of the servers are managed and owned by the Web Hosting Company and they lease the administration and services to the client. Other facilities have rent out the internet connection and power supply, while the administration is done by the clients. There are virtual servers. These servers have several logical servers with only one physical server.

Personal users of website prefer basic file hosting. This involves creation of few simple web pages and uploading it in the cyberspace by File Transfer Protocol (FTP). These services are either free or can be purchased at a small cost. Free hosting is accompanied with some adverts on the personal web pages. Hosting of business or commercial websites is expensive. These websites consists of several complex web pages. Application development programs like PHP, ASP.Net and Java is used to design web pages for these sites.

These application created on the web pages of a complex website, is used to enter and store data keyed in by the website users. A typical example of such website would be an ecommerce or matrimonial websites. Web Hosting Services also provide application such as email service.

There are some other types of Web Hosting Services too. For example, in shared webhosting, in which several websites exist in one server. Each website has its own partition within the server. These are inexpensive. The administration charge of the servers is shared by all the website owners. In clustered many webhosting is spread over several servers. This type of webhosting reduced the chances of mutual effects of servers, like email, SQL or FTP. Such services are used by large websites that has discussion forums etc.

In Reseller Web hosting the owner of the server uses his bandwidth and space for uploading websites for third parties. This subletting needs the permission from the primary Web Hosting Company.

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