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How to recommend your web host

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If you've had an online presence for some time, chances are, you've got a paid web hosting account, where you can maintain your own website, blog, or photo album.

Now, friends, family, and colleagues may approach you from time to time looking for recommendations on web hosting. After all, there are a lot of companies out there and it's hard to decide.

Asking friends and colleagues for recommendations about products or services like web hosting is very common and if it hasn't happened to you yet, it very well might happen soon.

In order to make a useful recommendation, you should be honest about your experiences, you should be detailed in your praise or criticism. And you should most definitely not take it personally if someone doesn't take your advice; sometimes these things just don't work out.

Be honest 

When talking to your friends and colleagues about your web hosting experiences, you should be honest. Tell them the good and the bad, if there is any bad to tell. You won't make any friends if you sugar coat things or hide trouble with your web hosting company.

These things come out anyway; imagine some careless comment you make about how your web hosting company screwed up again… in front of the person you just recommended your web host to six weeks ago. People remember this stuff. Be truthful about your experiences. 

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Be detailed

If you are going to recommend a web hosting company to friends or colleagues, you should be detailed in your argument. To simply say that a web hosting company is good or that you're happy with them, just isn't good enough. That doesn't tell people much.

You should talk about specifics in regard to what you like or don't like. Does customer service take too long? Is the pricing structure fair? How about the web space you're allotted? Overage charges?

These are the kinds of details that are genuinely helpful to people attempting to make a decision about a product or service. The person receiving your recommendation will appreciate your helpfulness in giving them concrete details that they can use. 

Don't take it personally

In the end, if your friends or colleagues refrain from going with your web hosting recommendation, don't take it personally. For whatever reason, that company may simply not have been a good fit for them, be it because of web space, pricing, service, or features.

Sometimes, these things just aren't a good fit. But if you have been honest and detailed in your recommendation, then your opinion is likely to still be thought highly of, and your friends and colleagues will continue to call on you when they need advice. 

When you make a recommendation of a web hosting company to friends and family, it's important to be honest, be detailed, and don't take it personally if they choose a company other than the one you use.

These three key aspects of giving advice will keep your wisdom on the forefront of others' minds when they are seeking future recommendations on other products and services.

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