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How to get good customer service from your web hosting company

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No matter how much you love your web hosting company, at some point, you will need to contact their customer service department to handle something.

You may have a routine request. You might have a technical problem, a billing question, or a simple question related to something that doesn't seem to be working right, or a feature that you miss.

Once you have chosen how to contact your web hosting company -- by email, chat, or telephone -- you should be as detailed as you can with the description of your issue, being polite and courteous at all times.

Contacting customer service

These days, many web hosting companies offer their subscribers customer service through online chat, email correspondence, or telephone support.

With online chat, you're connected to a web hosting company customer service representative with whom you can correspond back and forth with your problem in real-time. If you have the time to spend on it, online chat can be an efficient way of resolving an issue.

If time is not of the essence, email correspondence may be the best way to resolve the issue. You'll likely receive a confirmation message that assures that your email has been received after you send it.

Most times, you can expect a response to your email message from the web hosting company within 24 to 48 hours. And lastly, there is also telephone help.

It's usually only available during normal business hours, while online chat help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as is email help. Some people just prefer knowing that they're talking to a real human being. Whatever works for you, should work just fine in getting your problem solved. 

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Be specific

Regardless of the issue you are getting in touch with your web hosting company about, you will need to be specific about the problem. Outline the exact nature of the problem, what you were doing when something went wrong.

Specify dates, URLs, and the step by step things you did in order to try and resolve the issue yourself. If this is a billing concern, include your web hosting account information so that your records can be looked up promptly. 

Be polite

There's a saying that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar and it's true. If you are respectful and courteous in your dealings with your web hosting company, remembering your please's and thank you's, it goes a long way in helping an issue get resolved quickly and promptly.

Never resort to name calling, threats, or vile language. It serve no constructive purpose at all to getting a web hosting issue resolved. So you see, there are a few minor things to keep in mind when contacting your web hosting company about a customer service issue.

First, you should think about the best way for you to approach them, via email, chat, or telephone. Then, you should be as specific as possible in describing your problem or request.

And finally, mind your manners. You'll have a far more positive experience in resolving your web hosting issue and you'll maintain a positive relationship with your web hosting company.

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