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Web Hosting Services: Things to Look Out For

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With so many web hosting service providers available on the internet, an online businessman can easily get confused as to what web hosting services he should look at.

Some businessmen go for web hosting services that are ranked high on the search engine.

But having a high ranking doesn't guarantee that you will derive the best possible web hosting services. Doing some research can go a long way in helping you sustain your online business.

To guide you in your quest to find the best web hosting services, here are some things you need to look at:

The size of the pipeline the web host is connected online through a backbone by either T1 or T3 lines. The T1 can carry 1.5 mbs maximum while the T3 can carry 45 mbs maximum. Smaller ISP host sometimes have a "fractional T1" connection to the internet or ISDN connection.

So you need to look for a T3 connection whenever possible. The expense of installing appropriate pipeline is the greatest barrier to hosting the website on your own server.

Number of clients per computer you need to determine the number of clients that are assigned to each computer. Most ISPs use Pentium computers so while you won't learn much by inquiring about this, you will be able to determine if the web hosting services provider has any policies about limits.

Space web hosting service providers will assign you an amount of space in the computer. 5 MB is sufficient space for most websites.

However, if you intend to have mails, system programs, and log files, the 5 MB space is not sufficient. Most of the web host that includes log files usually offers around 15 MB at the minimum.

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Virtual hosting nearly all ISPs have something called "virtual hosting" which enables you to have your own domain name. Some companies also offer "vanity domains" which will look like "http://yourchosenname.isp.com.

But if you intend to start a serious business, it is recommended for you to invest in your own domain name with good web hosting services.

Email IDs - after you have the virtual domain, you need to ask the web hosting services provider about the number of email addresses you can have. Most web hosting services providers allow you to have multiple email addresses such as info@yourchosenname.com or support@yourchosenname.com.

Dependence ask yourself if you are free to move to another web hosting services provider in the case that your first option doesn't work out. It the site developer provides hosting for your site, look into the contract and see if it locks you into using their services.

Be sure to have your name listen as the "Administrative Contract" because otherwise, your previous web hosting services provider can show down the transfer when you decide to switch.

Support this involves both customer support and technical support. Look into whether your web hosting services provider has reliable support. How quickly do they respond to complaints? Do they have 24 hour support services?

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