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Specialty webhosting

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For people who are interested in webhosting for their personal website or corporate website, just about any competent, reasonably-priced webhosting company will do.

That's not to say that some aren't better than others, just that most customers have average webhosting needs and expectations.

However if you needs and expectations vary significantly from the norm, there are growing specialty hosting options that you can consider. Just to give a few examples, artists may have more particular hosting needs.

In other cases, consumers may be interested in an environmentally-friendly hosting solution in keeping with their personal values. And the rise in blogging has created another niche audience in need of nontraditional web space and hosting plans.

Artist-oriented webhosting

If you are an artist, you are very likely going to want to post an image-heavy website. While some of your images of your artwork may be in thumbnail sizes, naturally there will be some that you would like to show in a larger size.

These graphics-heavy websites require specific webhosting requirements in order to have the pages load correctly and load quickly. Ideally, you would also like to find a webhosting company that is as passionate about art as you are.

You may also be interested in specific artwork-oriented layouts for your website that can be accommodated by the hosting company. Your best bet for finding a good company to work with is to check out other artists' websites and ask around for recommendations.

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Sustainable webhosting

Webhosting customers who are enthusiastic about sustainable living can find a hosting company that adheres to these same ideals. There are companies that buy carbon credits to offset their fossil fuel usage; there are also companies that buy their power from solar- or wind-powered companies.

For the most part, these sustainable companies' rates are in line with other companies' rates. As consumer culture becomes more conscious of the sustainable economy, sustainable webhosting options are likely to increase in the future.

Blog-oriented webhosting

Some people with an online presence couldn't care less about hosting a personal website or business website. They are bloggers; while still requiring an online presence, they are interested in what kind of blogging platform a webhosting company can accommodate and support.

The traffic and storage needs of a blogger's site will be different than say, a business's e-commerce website selling consumer goods or services. As blogging continues to grow in popularity, it is likely that blogging-oriented hosting solutions will become more common.

So you see, if you have special website hosting needs, you don't ever have to settle for just any webhosting company. You can pursue having your site hosted by a specialty company, depending on whether you are an artist, blogger, or just very passionate about sustainable living.

Each niche customer has specific needs that, while they may be met adequately by an average hosting company, could be better served by a niche hosting company.

A specialty hosting company might better understand these consumers' needs and concerns. By exploring your options -- doing an Internet search for your specialty along with the terms "webhosting company" -- will return a list of options for you to look into.

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