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Save money for your webhosting fees

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If you are a new webhosting customer, you may be concerned about getting together the money for your webhosting fees.

To a novice, they can seem very expensive. Especially since almost all the webhosting companies require payment up front for a one-year service agreement. But the expense is well worth it.

In today's day and age, an online presence is crucial. Here are some ways that you can save the money for your year's worth of webhosting fees:

Affiliate agreements

If your webhosting company offers an affiliate program, consider joining it. You can refer your website visitors to your webhosting company and earn a commission on the click-throughs that turn into sales.

If your site is popular enough, you'll have a relatively easy time of bringing in enough cash for your hosting expenses. 

If you have a day job…

Many Internet start ups begin as moonlighting projects. If this is the case for you. think about picking up a few extra hours here and there to cover a year's worth of hosting expenses.

Extra hours at the day job are always easier when it's only for a set period of time. You can do this for a month. Just keep thinking of your great new website, up and running with your webhosting agreement. 

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Talk to an accountant

If you are running your own business, talk to your accountant about what kind of tax breaks and tax write-offs you might be able to get to cover your webhosting expenses.

Some of your expenses for your business could be tax-deductible; this could help finance your webhosting expenses.

Cut back on your expenses

You can do anything for a month, right? Cut back on some of the nonessential things. Don't buy clothes yet. Cut back your entertainment expenses. Walk or take the bus so that you can use the car more.

Keep track of your utility spending. Instead of turning up the heat, put on a sweater; instead of taking the car everywhere, save some gas money and take the bus. All of these things will help you make money so that you can more easily afford your webhosting bills. 

Moonlight for a bit

If your website is promoting a skill or talent of yours, put it to good use! Help pay for your webhosting bills by taking on freelance projects. If you're moonlighting only a few days (or nights) per week, then you'll soon have saved enough money to cover your bills.

Who knows? Maybe some of those clients or customers may become long-term customers. So you see, there are a number of options open to webhosting consumers who are concerned about affording their webhosting agreements.

You can use affiliate agreements to offset the cost of hosting. You can also pick up extra hours at the day job if your online venture is a moonlighting operation that is still getting off the ground.

Plus, talking to your accountant or tax professional can unearth tax breaks, tax deductions, and write-offs that can help you afford your webhosting bills.

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