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Use A Local Webhosting Company

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Whether you already have a website set up or you are looking to set one up, you may not have realized that there's a big difference between using some vague Internet webhosting company and going local, using a webhosting company that is based in your home town.

Your local webhosting company may provide a superior level of service. But you may be wondering how you find a local webhosting company. Check the phone book, look online (search for "webhosting" and your town name).

Also, you can look at local websites or blogs and see what webhosting company supports them. And, you can always ask around among friends and business acquaintances.

You should think about going with a local webhosting company because it supports your local economy, you may get better customer service, and you may be able to get service plans that are better-tailored to your or your company's needs.

Read on for more!

Support local economy

By signing up with a local webhosting company, you can support your local economy. When you support your local economy, then you are helping keep your local economy going, protecting jobs and the local tax base, so that your property taxes don't go up.

Supporting a local webhosting company is a good way to keep your consumer dollars in your community. It makes a big difference when people buy local and support there local businesses.

Abandoned businesses cause blight and depressed property values for everyone in your community.

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Better customer service

With a local webhosting company, you may get better customer service. Chances are, your local webhosting company is a smaller operation than most of the big webhosting companies you'll find online.

With that smaller operation, you may find better, more personal, customer service.

You'll probably talk to or email a real person who's likely to live in your neighborhood when you contact a local webhosting company for help, instead of chatting with someone in some call center half a world away.

A local company is invested in keeping local customers. It's good for their bottom line and good for their community too.

More plans tailored to your needs

A local webhosting company that's independent of the big national players may have the kind of flexibility that would best suit your company's needs.

You may be able to get a service plan that's more closely tailored to your business needs than what another big company can give you. It's definitely worth asking about.

While big webhosting companies have so many customers they need to shunt everyone into one of several cookie-cutter service plans, with a local company, you may be able to have the plans adjusted so that they truly meet your service needs, instead of meeting the webhosting company's convenience.

As you can see, there are several important reasons why you should seriously consider using a local webhosting company for your webhosting needs.

After all, supporting a local company supports your local economy, plus, you may see a better level of customer service.

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