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Keep Webhosting In-house

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Any company with a website will need to think about whether or not it wants to keep the webhosting operations in-house or if they want to outsource the webhosting to a professional firm or a consultant.

While there are advantages to each, careful consideration of both may have you leaning towards keeping webhosting in-house. Webhosting is essential to keeping your company website up and running.

If this is how many of your customers see you, then you know how important it is to keep this informative business and sales tool up and running in good working order at all times. It's imperative!

Better able to direct work

When you keep your webhosting responsibilities in-house, then you are better able to direct necessary work. If you need to move quickly to take advantage of market conditions, then you need to be able to prioritize that.

This is the normal cost of business and aside from maybe some inventory, should cost you any more than usual.

If you have outsourced your webhosting, then you would need to contact your consultant and hope he or she can make you the priority you feel you should be.

Also, chances are good that your webhosting consultant will charge you a premium for moving your project to the top of his or her to-do list.

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Only client

With having your webhosting activities run in-house, you have the comfort and reliability of knowing that you're the only client.

Your webhosting team is there to handle your webhosting needs and no others, meaning that your company priorities are always at the forefront. 

Meanwhile, if you outsource your webhosting, then you are more than likely going to be one of several clients of your consultant. That means that your work gets balanced among the work from several other clients. 


And finally, it is very likely that your keeping the webhosting in-house will make it cheaper and more economical for your bottom line.

After all, having it all done within your company means that you can hire someone for probably less than it would cost to hire a consultant.

And it means that the cost of administering this business will likely be cheaper too, as you can budget for it as part of your regular payroll.

Hiring a consultant means you have to pay when they bill you whenever they bill you, including any kind of additional fees or charges. Doing it in-house should eliminate unexpected charges like this. 

So you can see, there are a number of really good reasons to consider keeping your webhosting issues in-house. When you do it in-house, you can keep greater control over who's doing what work when, where, and how

Plus, you can know that as the only client, you'll always have top priority. And it's cheaper too, more of a budgetable expense. 

Sure, you can always outsource later if you're unhappy, but if you carefully consider your options now, then you can be assured that you always made the best decision you could at the time.

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