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Don't Contact The Webhosting Company

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If you need webhosting services for your company or website, you may be thinking of contacting the webhosting company directly for assistance.

After all, you figure, these are the people that made these online platform plans, they should be able to talk to you about them. You may need all kinds of webhosting services.

Once you've done some basic legwork, you may be surprised to find out how many options are out there for you and your website. 

But there are several key reasons to make these decisions on your own and without the benefit of talking to someone at the webhosting company.

Designed to upsell

If you call one of the sales reps for one of the webhosting companies you're thinking of signing with, then you can be assured that they will try and upsell you to the more expensive plan, or they will try and upsell you to additional services you may not actually need in order to have your webhosting needs met. 

You should find out exactly what you need from your own tech team and look up the webhosting service plans yourself.

After all, all of the plan details are usually available online and you can sign up for these webhosting plans online directly, no middle man required or needed for any part of it. 

Answer your own questions

Most webhosting companies have a plethora of self-help articles and resources available onlie for clients.

You should be able to use these to answer your own questions instead of having to contact someone at the company every time you need help with your webhosting needs. 

Again, if you turn to the company, you may end up spending more money again, or you might just end up wasting time talking on the phone when you could have found the answer yourself and been on your way ages ago.

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Remember what they say about time being money and all that. 

Gather your own information

Many webhosting companies offer information about their webhosting plans online for all potential customers to read and evaluate on their own.

There's no reason to spend time talking on the phone with a sales rep from the webhosting company when you can just as easily look it all up online yourself on the company's sales page. 

This means you can review the details of each of the webhosting service plans at your own convenience, without being rushed or dealing with a sales rep's high-pressure sales tactics.

You can take your time and make the right decision instead of a hasty one that you may end up regretting.

So you see, there are several reasons why you might not want to contact your webhosting company the first time out when you can do it all online.

In most cases, sales reps are trained to upsell which means you'll end up spending more money than you planned to.

Also, you can get all the information online and review it at your leisure, so why put yourself in a position of too much pressure if you don't have to?

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