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Automatic Renewal Of Webhosting Services

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One of the nice things about webhosting services is the ability to sign up for automatic renewal on your account.

It's a real timesaver and can prevent your site from displaying an error form that makes you look unprofessional and out of touch with what's going on in your own company. 

With automatic renewal, the webhosting company just renews your account automatically and you're all set, no time-consuming process, you have only to sign up for it once.

What is automatic renewal

Automatic renewal means that the webhosting company will charge your account -- whatever account information you have on file -- on the anniversary date of your beginning webhosting services.

The company will contact you if they cannot do the automati renewal at all and then you'll need to make separate arrangements.  

If you have automatic renewal for your webhosting, then you need to keep those account details quiet and on the down low and up to date. If you don't keep that information up to date, then your webhosting company will not be able to renew the contract.

If your webhosting company tries to automatically renew your webhosting services and they cannot, they will try and contact you.

If you don't respond (if your contact info has changed and you didn't notify them) then they may pull the plus on your site. If that happens, they may not save you a copy; it may all be gone.

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Automatic renewal -- it's great!

Many people think that automatic renewal is a great idea. It means that you can set up your account just once and then never have to worry about it again.

There's no chance now that a page not found error will show up when someone looks up your website URL. When that kind of thing happens, it sends a bad message to your customers. 

When you get a message like that page not found because your webhosting company couldn't renew you, then the customer might wonder if you have gone out of business or if there are other problems going on.

This can have a damaging effect on your business. 


As with anything else, there are a few warnings to keep in mind. You really need to be serious about keeping your automatic renewal details up to date with your webhosting company.

If the company cannot renew your webhosting services automatically, then they may try to contact you. If they can't they may pull the plug on your website. So you see, automatic renewal of your webhosting services can be a really good thing.

It means that you don't have a monthly bill to worry about and it means that you'll never have to worry that your customers see anything other than your homepage when they visit your URL. 

Something like automatic renewal also means that you can budget for the next year's bill amount too, saving you all kinds of headaches.

If your webhosting company does not offer their customers automatic renewal of services, then you should ask about it. It may be something that they are thinking of.

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