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Things To Look For In A Commercial Webhosting Service

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There are basically two types of web hosts – free web hosting and commercial web hosting.

Because there is a big difference as to what each type can offer to a customer, it is just right that we focus on commercial webhosting which is more preferred of the two when it comes to hosting important websites.

Commercial webhosting is the preferred choice of many webmasters because it does not have the limitations that are associated with free web hosting.

However, because a lot of web hosting companies are offering commercial webhosting as part of their packages, you have to consider some of the things that make a commercial webhosting the service that your website needs. 

When you are choosing a commercial webhosting service, there are some factors you should consider. The first of which is the reliability and the speed of access of the server. The ideal and minimum uptime should be 99%.

At best, it should be at 99.5% minimum and you should be entitled to a refund if the figure falls below the minimum uptime. 

But remember, asking for a refund will need you to show some documentation so be sure that you are ready with this before you file for a refund. 

Another important factor that should be considered when choosing a commercial webhosting service is the allowable amount of data transfer per month.

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Also known as bandwidth or traffic, this property is important because it is the amount of bytes transferred from the server to your site visitor’s browser. If this limit is exceeded, you will either get billed or your site will become temporarily unavailable. 

You should also look out for disk space in a commercial webhosting service.

Contrary to what most web hosting companies’ claim of having unlimited disk space, it actually has a limit. Therefore, you have to look into your website requirements for disk space as well as your requirements for future expansion ahead. 

With a great commercial webhosting service, you should expect to have technical support function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or you risk having a technical error unresolved over a holiday.

When this happens, you also lose profit which can be very damaging to your business. Also, make sure that the technical support team that they have actually know what they are talking about so that you won’t get frustrated in the end.

There are also commercial webhosting services which will allow you to place some scripts and other advanced features in your site.

It is recommended that you choose a web hosting company which will allow you to do this freely because there are companies which will require their approval before you can actually put these scripts in your site. 

More importantly, you have to look into the price of a commercial webhosting service. Nowadays, since there are a lot of web hosting companies offering commercial web hosts, you can expect the prices to be very competitive at this level.

All you have to do is to thoroughly research about the best web host company offering this type of web hosting service.

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